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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Church Has Left the Building

I've started a cult.

Now, don't get all bent out of shape on's nothing freakish or weird. And it doesn't have a name yet, officially. But for now, we're kind of calling it Do the Stuff. I, and the others I've recruited (9 and counting...) and done playing church and calling ourselves Christians without it having any visible impact on either our lives, or the world. We asked ourselves the questions "what are we doing?" and "why did people ever die for this?" There's something more and deeper than what the American church is offering today. That thing, is The Stuff. If you want to know what this Stuff is, check out Isaiah 58:6-11, and pay particular attention to the order of things.

We've decided now is the time to throw off excuses, and get about the business of helping people. If you want to drink the proverbial kool-aid and join the revolution, just start looking for way to meet peoples needs. It's simple: Do the Stuff.

Today was our first crack at it. The four of us in the cult at the time decided that we needed to put our plan in action after church today. But we weren't at all sure what to do or who to help. So we spent some time praying for a need.
During the service, I was sitting next to a man in our church. He's been coming for a few weeks now. He's obviously poor, probably handicapped, a little strange maybe. But he's got a kind heart. And every week, he tithes. It's not much, but it's what he has. As I sat there, I really felt like the good thing we were about to do should be to buy him groceries for the week. And then I thought, yeah, that's great, but we have no idea where he lives. How would we give him anything?

After service, I was helping count the offering (I'm the church book keeper, I do it every Sunday) and I picked up the envelope from this guy. Like I said, he tithes every week. However, he's never written more than his name on the envelope. But this day, he had written his full address. So I said, "I hear you, thanks for the help." We bought him a gift card from Safeway. It will be mailed out tomorrow.

Today, 4 people bought a man groceries. One down, 2 billion to go.
We are going to change the church. We are going to change the world. And you can't stop us.

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