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Monday, April 28, 2008

Chapter 10: Hitting the Bricks

Instead of last saturday being Moving Day, as planned, it was Shake Off Dissapointment and Go House Hunting Day. My agent picked me up in the morning and we did some serious power hunting. For the next 4+ hours we looked at what felt like millions of houses.

For this round, we looked at some townhomes, but also some house houses. Origionally, I didn't want something with a big yard that would need a lot of maintenance and work. But as the process has gone on, I've discovered some things. For one, the idea of not having any sort of garden space made me sad. I kind of enjoy the thought of growing my own veggies instead of buying them. And who doesn't like a good patch of ferns??

Another thing I've learned is that for as much as HOA fees are per month...I can buy my own dang lawnmower. I mean dude, for $175 a month I can buy a stinking RIDING lawnmower! And it turns out that I am more cheap than I am lazy. Who knew?

A non-yard related thing I've discovered is that I like brick. Siding just looks so shabby, even when its fairly well taken care of. This may have a lot to do with my urban upbringing. I like the city and its brick and stone houses, not suburbs and their stupid siding houses. I am the little piggy that completely foils the big bad wolf.

All that being said, what you're probably asking your computer screen is, "Jill, did you find anything you liked?" Well yes, friendly reader, I did. I found a short sale house (which is code for "the bank will get back to you in 2-3 months") that's pretty and cozy and has a good vibe. I put in an offer. There are many many many reasons why this deal probably won't fly, but you never know. If positive things happen, I'll give a better discription of the place, but for now, it remains in God's hands.


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