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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chapter 6: 1 Million Dumb Questions

I spent much of yesterday trailing a house inspector around my furture house while furiously scribbling in my note book (actual exerpt: Buy a wrench!). As it turns out, I am woefully ignorant of all things housing. I asked a lot of questions like "uh...what's that? Is that good or bad? What exactly does that mean for the future?" I asked some intelligent questions as well, such as "say my kitchen is underwater, how do I make that stop?"
Fortunately for me, the inspector, Kat, knows ALL things housing. On a completely unrelated note, she also has the world's most righteous mullet. It was long, it was curly - brilliant! But I digress. Kat knew what she was doing and was very thourough. She also patiently took the time to not only answer all my questions, but educate me on things I will need to know/do but didn't know to ask. She said she loves doing inspections with first time homebuyers.
Now I have seen nearly every inch of my house, including the wires behind the fuse box plate! I did decline to shimmy up the ladder and check out the attic space. Honestly, I can't think of anything I'd rather do less, besides dip my body, butt-neked, in a vat of large malicious spiders. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of ladders?
The house itself is in good shape. There are a couple minor repairs (about $150 worth) I'm requesting the seller take care of, like clean and service the heater, and change out one of the outlets in the bathroom than is grounded to nothing. Not that I think it's likely, but I'd rather no one was able to kill me in the tub with a hairdryer. And there are a few little things for me (and here I am thinking specifically of not me) to take care of, like sanding the doors so they shut easier, and sealing some of the grout in the bathroom. Kat suggested I bribe Carter (my agent) with beer so he'd fix stuff for me!

The next step is for the seller to approve the requests (crosses fingers), if he does, then the mortgage guy orders an appraisal and then it's closing time! *Does a little happy dance!*

In other news, the seller's name is Mcghghy. One, how on EARTH do you pronounce that? Two, Vanna, I'd like to buy a vowel.


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