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Friday, August 1, 2008

Juarez Mission Trip - Pt 4

Now to construction! I think I just tell the stories the pictures inspire or we'd both be here all day! In the yellow is Bode, a youth pastor in Aurora originally from Nigeria. He had been to this church before a few years ago and was thrilled to be back. I am in the purple shirt carrying the ubiquitous bottle of powerade. I think we were all about 80% powerade by the end of the week!
This picture was taken shortly after I whacked Rhett (bending in the white) with a board. I may be a danger to myself and others..... The guy to the far right is Pastor Raul, who was soooo nice to us the whole time.
This was the site of our mixing mortar and concrete. When we first arrived we wondered how we were going to properly mix them using only the ground and shovels. We were pretty dang good at it by the end.

At one point a guy (who turned out to be a member of the church) drove by in his truck and teased us for being city workers - one guy works while the rest stand around and watch him!
Me working hard! Actually, I didn't get to do much actual construction since with one thing or another the jobs were usually 2 or 3 person max jobs. And since it was in fact a mission trip for the students, I put myself behind them in the volunteer line. But rest assured, I did get stuff done, as measured by total amount of sweat that came of out me!! Also, I am wearing Pam's shirt.
Michael protecting the newly made wall! Our task for the week was to build a security wall in front of the church as they'd been having some trouble with break-ins.
This is Kevin! He was the site leader and an awesome guy. He was always patient, hardworking, and most importantly, unfazed by any problems (and there were many!) that came up. He was the embodiment of "Flexico."
Jeff didn't find his niche in the VBS world so he jumped into the construction. It's possible that the last day, while moving that pile of rock across the courtyard using shovels, that he lived to regret that decision.


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