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Saturday, October 24, 2009

How long has THAT been there?

Whilst sorting through my crap stuff, I have discovered that I own the following:

*An egg separator. Yay, I'd completely forgotten it came with my measuring cups!

*19 tiny boxes and/or bottles. Most of these contain no things, I just obsessively collect them.

*A bucket. This, after I recently spent 10 minutes on the phone explaining to my mom that she raised a total loser who doesn't own a bucket or even a dish pan. Rest easy Momma, I'm keeping the bucket.

*5,600 pens and highlighters that don't work. See, not kidding about the squirrel bit.

*3 manual can openers. I chucked the one that shreds your hands, gave away the one that weighs around 6 pounds, and kept the one Marissa gave me. For my birthday. As a present. On purpose.

*A set of luggage tags shaped as frogs. I was very excited to re-find these, 'cause they're awesome! Next step: own luggage.

All of this is in addition to all the random weird stuff I was already aware that I own, like little packets of travel soap flakes and monkey slippers. I can't decide if I'm completely nuts or extremely cool.


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