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Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the still of the night...THWACK!

The stripes are glow in the dark paint, which doesn't work.

Every once in a while, something classy and elegant will give birth to something totally epic.  In this case, it was glow-in-the-dark croquet.  And if you don't immediately think that sounds fun, then you are, no offense, probably old.

Setting up

The whole idea evolved from a game of normal croquet played at my roommate's birthday party.  As we played, the sun retired and it became increasingly, as it often does, hard to see.

What goes better with croquet than an adult beverage in your pocket?

Now croquet is extremely fun to play.  It has much of the skill of golf combined with the added bonus of having the opportunity to launch your opponent's ball halfway across the park.  Obviously, something as trivial as night should never stand in the way!


Why not just play in the day? you ask.  Don't be silly! Anything autoluminescent is automatically 1000x more fun.
This year's model is called, Toby.

With the aid of glow bracelets and camping flares, out of the night emerged...

Nighttime Croquet!

Splatter paint glowing croquet balls
Epic fun was had by all.

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