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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Now} It's Christmas

I was sitting in a wooden pew, listening to the violins draw forth a lovely, slow melody, when suddenly they pause and pow! Out of heaven itself comes the opening strains of Handel's Messiah.  And then it's Christmas. 

My shopping (such as it was) is long done (I'm a pre-crastonator), the tree is up, finals are over - the great knowledge dump has freed up actual brain space (where are my car keys? Ooh, ooh, I know this one! Right here!) - but it isn't really Christmas in my soul until the violins sing to me. 

Every year that I have lived in Denver, my family and I have trekked* up to Boulder to participate in a sing-along Messiah performance at St. John's Episcopal Church.  This year was the 28th annual! This thing has been going longer than I have been alive.  May that always be true. 

*On a totally side note, how awesome is it that there is a word in our language with a double k? Answer: very.

This operetta, written in less than a month by G. F. Handel, contains some of the most powerful and stirring music I have ever heard.  And to hear it in surround-sound, it gives me goosebumps.  Now, I am not the most talented of singers, nor am I a particularly good sight-reader.  And sure, some of the songs (such as His Freakin' Burthen and that Horrible Angels One) are so difficult that I consider it a win if I can sing nine correct notes.  But no matter! It's such a high to be one small part of a transcendent chorus of joy.  Hundreds of people in one room, all different skill levels, but each so important to the soaring harmony we create together.  This is what peace on earth, good will to men sounds like. 

So Merry Christmas from me to you.  I hope a little piece of joy will help light up the darkness of the year and of the world.

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Mrs. Wallace December 21, 2010 at 1:07:00 PM MST  

Amen and Amen! (listening to some Messiah while I try and knock out a report in record time...that opening string sequence sure made my typing fast!!)

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