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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't have enough computer time to truly organize my thoughts, so if this seems continually disjointed, well, it is.

On being a Giant:
I am a giant.  I never really thought of myself as tall, mostly because I'm not.  Sure, I'm taller than some of my friends but I also have plenty of others who loom over me.  Here, looming is my sole property.  I am taller than about 80% of the men and a good 6-8 inches taller than almost all of the women.  Fe Fi Fo Fum. 

On the Food:
Perhaps you were under the impression that Nicaraguan cuisine is just like Mexican food.  I also thought this.  We are all of us completely wrong.  There is nary a spice to be found in the food.  And I'm not talking mild salsa not spicy, I'm talking ketchup not spicy.  My sister would fit in well here. 

Most of what I have eaten has been pretty tasty.  My new friend Xochilts (pronounced Sol-Cha) tells me that there are four kinds of bananas. I've only run across three of them.  One is a regular banana, one is plaintains, which are mealy and tasteless, but nice with beans, and the other is a word I can't seem to remember, but is sweet and very nice with the crazy salty cheese they have here.  Breakfast usually consists of bread and butter and beans.  And if you think that it might be weird to have beans at 8 in the morning, it is.

On Children:
I'm slowly making friends with the children who live here.  It's no easy feat as I understand their spanish even less that anyone else's.  So I make silly faces at them till they like me.  One of Rosa's grandsons, who is two months old, spends the day here while his parents work.  He is the cutest little thing - SUPER tiny - who has peed on me twice.

On Spanish:
Spanish is slowly grinding me into dust.  You'll pick it up no problem, everyone said to me before I came.  It may be time to embrace the idea that everyone I know, while well-intentioned, is full of crap.  As it turns out, half the words I manage to pick out don't make any sense to me as they have different meanings here.  All my skills in catching the basic jist do me no good when someone is asking a direct question.  I fear I may have unintentionally told about 8,000 lies already.

However, I do have better skills than any of the other UMVIMs, so that's something.  I spent the morning chatting with the two teenagers here, Danalia (Dan-ay-lee-ah) and Xoltchia.  They are pretty good at recognizing the cow-eyed look off non-comprehension in my eyes and will repeat themselves slowly.  I can generally understand most of what they are saying.

On Health:
So far, so good. I may be hoisting myself by my own petard here, but I haven't been the least bit sick.  And I'm pretty sure I've unknowingly consumed about 900 gallons of the water.  Rock on with my bad self! Kick-ass health kit FOR THE WIN! 

Well, that's my time ladies and germs.  Hope you've enjoyed this edition of Live from Managua.  Don't forget to tip your waitstaff.


Mrs. Wallace January 25, 2011 at 9:58:00 PM MST  

On being a Giant - really? I didn't realize they would be so short there!

On the food - YEA for food that would sit well with this kitten tongue...remind me why I went to India instead of Nicaragua?!? And yes, beans at 8am sounds weird...but then again I love beans for dessert, so who knows :-)

On Children - Rosa's grandson must have hung out with Charlie...he is also very good at peeing on you - either that or straight into his own eye!

On Spanish - sorry it's rough! But just think how much better off you are then I could ever hope to be!

On Health - way ta be! Keep taking names and kickin' ass :-)

LOVE YOU!! And I'll try and remember to tip my waitstaff...since Toby's now a waiter, does that mean he's the one I should tip??

Maeve's Momma January 26, 2011 at 6:56:00 AM MST  

Jesus, if you're a giant, maybe I should move there and join the freak show! And bean for breakfast? Well, how English of them! Baked beans on toast is a staple of English "cuisine".

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