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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lejos de Casa

I had half a blog all ready to go, and then I left Managua for what I thought would be a week.  As it turns out, I'll be staying with my new friend Ana Patricia and her family for more like two weeks. Hence the dearth of blogs.

On My Job:
Anyhow, the food is still in customs.  Just recently, the government, in some kind of bizzare measuring contest, has refused to let anything into the country.  This is quite bad for the country and particularly bad for the feeding centers, which are empty.  So pray hard that the food gets released very soon.

At least I have done some work.  I knocked the rust off my math skills and figured out a food distribution plan for 15 churches with different amount of children for the next six months.  Who's awesome? Mom, for forcing me to learn math against my strong objections.

On Men:

Several of you have asked if I have commenced any type of jungle romance.  I have nothing to report on that front.  Any guy my age or older is married with 2 or 3 kids.  This limits my options.  A couple guys are reportedly wildly atracted to me, but for all the culture of machismo, there is quite the epidemic of shyness and none of them will talk directly to me.  My girl friends all know, of course and like to tell me.  May I just say I have developed an unfortunate habit of blushing fiercely.  Curses, white skin!

On Food:
While I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the food, I am learning how to cook.  Perhaps you are thinking that I already know how to cook, that I am a really good cook.  Not here.  Everything is different, including having to light the stove with a match.

The food here, although high in oil and salt, is pretty nutricious.  And I think I'm losing weight just from sweating and not eating much çause I'm too hot.  Aunt Kathy, you should come down here for 3 weeks, çause my fingernails, which are usually pretty flimsy, are like diamonds.

Well, I'm off.  Bendiciones.


Maeve's Momma February 12, 2011 at 6:49:00 PM MST  

Oh, those flirty locals. :) Of course they won't talk to you, you're new and intimidating. You need to make them cookies, that'll bring the boys to the yard, as it were.

Way to go with the cooking and the math. We'll send some good thoughts for the food to get through!

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