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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Mock My Smock or I'll Clean Your Clock

On Karma:

I wish I'd been a kinder, gentler person in my life.  'Cause it's really coming back to haunt me! I am teased absolutely ceaselessly.  And I have no defense.  Not only do I not have enough information with which to strike back, I don't have the requisite language skills to come up with something on the fly.  And it's not like the conversation is likely to pause while I think up a witty response and translate it into recognizable Spanish.  The cleverest comeback I can manage is "callate" or "dejame in paz."  Ooooh, burn.  The only person I can reasonably get back at is Felipe, because he is extremely ticklish. 

Oh, and did I mention that my face flames tomato when they tease me about men?

Sigh, I am officially sorry to everyone poor defenseless soul I have ever mocked, even in good fun.

Work Update:

The container is being moved to Managua! I have high hopes that this will eventually lead to the actual food being put into our actual warehouse, eventually to find its way into the actual feeding centers.  Lord, have mercy on us, this process has been craziness.  I still have nothing to do except pray, but at least there is hope on the horizon.

On Patricia's Mom:

She's a really good cook.  I mean, really good.  You'll notice I've been in a big ol' hurry to leave here, well this is one reason why.  Breakfast today was a thing of beauty: eggs poached in oil topped with a freshly made tomato sauce (from scratch), perfectly done rice and a warm fluffy corn tortilla.  And sitting next to it was a superb cup of coffee.  I believe the words I'm searching for are: nom, nom, nom.  Some people, like Aunt Kathy, just look right in a kitchen, as if such humble objects as a stove, a spoon, a cutting board, were a visible extension of their soul. 

On Americans:

From time to time, people really like to tell me what Americans are like.  This causes me no end of amusement as it is invariably totally wrong.  The other day I was told that during Holy Week, it gets really blazing hot here, even at night, and we'll all be sleeping naked.  I replied that in that case, I'll be going back to Loma  Linda for Semana Santa as there I sleep alone.  At this point it was wondered what was wrong with me as all Americans walk around naked all the time and it's no big deal. 

Come again?

I've been an American for a while now, and that's about the first I'd heard of that particular habit.  Back me up here, do you walk around in your birthday suit in someone else's house like it's no big deal? And I don't really know where this impression comes from, because I'm hardly the first American that they've ever known; several of the girls have dated or even married Americans.  Maybe Florida is a much different place than I imagined.


Maeve's Momma March 2, 2011 at 9:26:00 AM MST  

Hooray for good news on the container!

I have aspirations to fit into a kitchen the way AK and Patricia's mom do. I'm getting there. :)

Oh yeah, we all walk around naked all the time. You don't? You must be pretty un-American.

Marissa March 3, 2011 at 8:05:00 AM MST  

On the other hand, your English is still quite witty. :-)

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