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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Am a Delicate Flower, Darnit!

On Language:

I'm getting a little more familiar with the Nicaraguan dialect, to hilarious ends.  Patricia's dad was saying something about my impending marriage and I was all whoa buddy, I am not ready to get married! To which Edelma, Patricia's sister said, you have a shirt on. Wha? Turns out, estar listo/a, which means to be ready, here is more commonly used to mean to be dressed.  So the running joke now is to ask if someone's ready to go by saying, estas lista? con ropa? Maybe you do not find that ridiculously humorous, but I am here to tell you that it really is.

On Sickness:

I'm a little bit sick, not gonna lie.  I caught a head cold.  It's a little bit embarrassing honestly as I think I caught it from a one year old. Arrrrg, what a frail friggin' rose petal am I!!! Anyway, I was lying in best last night, feeling like crap warmed over, when what should come on my iPod but Don't Fear the Reaper.  I had a fever! And the only prescription was indeed more cow bell! I laughed long and silently.

I sound really terrible, but I am feeling much better today than I did all weekend.  Don't worry, I have been taking very good care of myself, not from any real concern that this is anything serious, but because I am terrified that if I don't getting better very quickly, someone is going to give me a shot.  Despite the roughly 9,000 vaccinations I had in order to come here, I remain a huge wuss when it comes to needles. 

On Daylight Savings Time:

The answer to the question is no, we do not observe daylight savings time here in Nicaragua.  Therefore, I am now again on Mountain Standard Time.

Well this post is just going to be shorter than usual, I guess.  I would share more witty thoughts, but I don't have any.  At this point, my brain is about 90% phlegm.  So I think I'd rather take a shower (before I smell so bad even my stuffy nose can tell) and then a second nap. iBuenas Tardes amigos!


Bonnie March 14, 2011 at 2:49:00 PM MDT  

I thought that said iBueanas ... and I was thinking that was taking the apple thing a little too far ... then I realized I was reading in Spanish and it was an exclamation mark ...

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