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Monday, November 27, 2006

I feel pretty...oh so pretty!

The best time to meet a new person is definitely not when you are in the middle of straddling a garbage can, spitting into it.

I went to my Aunt's office we could go shopping together after work. She wasn't quite finished yet so I hung out. Unfortunately, I was on the verge of starvation and the only food she had was a bag of pipas (sunflower seeds for anyone who hasn't been to Spain). Well, I have long admired people, particularly my cousin, Jimmy, who can throw down a handful of pipas, work their mouth for a bit and spit out just the shell, eating the seed inside. Look Ma, no hands!

Thus, in my eternal quest for nimble teeth, I was practicing this particular art, albeit one at a time. But thanks to the fact that 1. I stink at it, and 2. I don't spit well either, I was super glad Ratesh walked in the room right then. Ratesh is the cute Indian guy training my Aunt. It's possible that there were bits of spitty shell sticking to my lips as I shook his hand. Score.

Actually, that wasn't a very good week for me, first-impressionwise. Eric, the drop-dead gorgeous hottie that works next door (and drives a blue Jaguar....but i digress) dropped by to say Hi. Oh I was impressive, let me tell you! I was so stunned that I forgot how to have a personality. But hey, at least I blushed like a school girl. Smooth Jill, smooth.

Whatever. At least my mommy thinks I'm cool!


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