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Monday, November 27, 2006

This Girl is a Woman Now

With applogies to Mom for using the title of a Gary Pucket song, I feel it's important to note than I am now a woman.

Yeah, I know I've done all that other stuff that usually denotes the passage from girlhood to full-fledged woman; things like first period, virginity losing, body piercing, ironing shirts for a boy... But over the summer, I did something truly special, I got my first pedicure.

For my birthday present, my wonderful Aunt Kathy took me a spa to get my hair cut and, as an extra special treat, my toes done. And it really did feel like a rite of passage as all the ladies at the salon were fussing over me. They believe, as do I, that your First Time is an occasion to remember.

And I would like to say that pedicures are a BRILLIANT way to kill a couple hours. There really IS something cool about sitting around, relaxing, and chatting with a fun group of gals (There is also something really hilarious about trying to have a serious conversation with one's aunt when she is getting her eyebrows colored and looks like Groucho Marx).

Kinda makes you feel sorry for guys, all they have is sitting around the Xbox and grunting!


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