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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chapter 2: Begin at the Begining

The search for my first house began today. My very good friend Becky (who knows things) came over and Carter, my real estate agent, picked us up and showed us some houses. We looked at 6 properties in various locations. I'm looking for something in the townhouse genre. Small, cute (but i repeat myself! har.), well maintained, good price, low HOA fees, and most importantly a good value (see "can be sold easily in 5-10 years").

It's no surprise to me that the two houses I liked most have one feature in common: no scary stairs. In case you don't have a wicked case of vertigo, scary stairs are those evil horrible stairs that have no backs. I find it hard to imagine myself in my future life climbing said scaries with an armload of groceries. How will I maintain my death grip on the rail?

But I am wandering away from my point, which is that there were two properties that I really liked. One looks like this:

And the other looks like this:

The top one is gorgeous, has an amazing kitchen, a surprisingly realistic gas fireplace and my dream bathtub. The stairs are inside, carpeted, and have backs like normal godly stairs. Plus it is located in a gated community with a pool/hot tub/fitness center. BUT it is a little more expensive and one 1 bedroom so I would have to be creative if I wanted to stash a roommate somewhere. The lower one is in an adorable neighborhood (not a complex) and is really beautifully done inside. It has all new cabinets and appliances (except for the dryer which is older than I am) 2 bedrooms and tons of storage space (the pantry made me drool a little bit). I could really see myself living there BUT there is a chance that they do not allow pets. And I find it somewhat absurd to only be able to move in half my household.

So, the search has begun! Carter is going on vacation all next week, so I will try not to turn into a crazed, obsessive listings browser until he returns. On the other hand, it's going to be difficult to sleep with all the excitement and decorating possibilities bouncing around in my head!


Bonnie March 24, 2008 at 6:18:00 PM MDT  

Owwwww ... I love the look (and sound) of the first place ! Can't wait to see what you end up buying !

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