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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chapter 3: A Decision and An Offer

I have decided which house to buy! And today I made a formal offer on my future house. The house is the brick one on.

Don't let the modest exterior fool you, on the inside this house is beautiful. I looked at probably 15 properties over the past couple of weekends, and browsed many more online (I couldn't stop myself!), and this is the one. All the other places I looked at needed something. Some needed new carpet and paint. Some needed air conditioning. Some needed some serious updating from their current 1970's ugliness. This one needs...a ceiling fan in place of a low hanging light fixture. And all of my stuff in it! The thing about this house is it feels like my house. The other places, with a little immagination, could be made into my house I guess. Walking through this place, though, it was like "huh, why isn't all my stuff here already?" So cross your fingers and bend your knees that they accept my offer!

I found some pictures of the interior, for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully I'll have a chance to borrow Pammy's camera and take some of my own soon!

This is obviously the kitchen! The door directly opposite the fridge is the walk-in pantry of awesomeness. BTW all the appliances stay with the house, including the giant fridge. The door straight back opens into the laundry room which is nice and big and has plenty of room for laundry related activities.

A nice shot of the tile backsplash and double sink. And yes, in case you were wondering, it IS really that bright in the house all the time (except at night I would imagine).

Stove and microwave. I really like the nice flat top stove. And I like the brushed nickel hardware on all the cabinets.

This is a shot of the bathroom. You can't really see from this picture but the vanity and undersink-y thing (no idea what it's called) is BIG and has tons of storage space in it. The shower is nice and big and best of all does not contain a window or, hopefully, spiders!

I may have mentioned this before, but the house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. It has a garage and two extra storage spaces. It does allow cats. The house is on a hill overlooking an incredible view of downtown with the mountains behind it. When I visited it the first time, I met of the ladies that lives next door, she was very sweet and helpful. I had an almost uncontrollable desire to bake her cookies.

So basically, I want this house. I expect an answer from the seller by 5pm tomorrow. If it's accepted, the closing date is April 25th!


Bonnie March 31, 2008 at 6:53:00 PM MDT  

How could they not allow you to have a cat in a house that YOU OWN !?!

Looks good ! Can't wait to come visit you in YOUR OWN PLACE !!!!!! How exciting !!

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