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Friday, August 1, 2008

Conclusion: As it turns out

I haven't written in a while because I was waiting until I had happy joyous news to report.

Good thing I abandoned that, or I'd never write again!

The HUD home I liked a lot went to someone else with a slightly better bid.The brick ranch house I was bidding on flunked its inspection quite thoroughly. Later that day I went out looking again and found a cute little town home. You should be completely unsurprised to learn that I was outbid on that property too.

OK, I get it! After months of getting absolutely nowhere, I'm thinking that maybe the great plan for my life does not include a mortgage. Perhaps I'm not meant to be so tied to a particular area that I can't pick up and go. Perhaps in the near future picking up and going will be what I'm called to do. In any case, I completely switched gears and started looking for an apartment.

I feel like I should wrap up this sad little novella with some kind of philosophic ending that makes sense of this whole thing. But at this point, it doesn't really make any sense to me. I look forward to the luxury of hindsight to sort this all out!


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