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Monday, December 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Calvin Was Right About Bikes:

I am loving these soft fall days. The temperature has been in the upper 60's or low 70's with plenty of sunshine. GORGEOUS! It makes me want to move my exercise out of the gym and into the park. One glorious Sunday afternoon, Eli and I borrowed bicycles from our neighbor and headed off to the park just a few blocks away from the house.

Everything was smoothing sailing until a particularly steep downward angle make it all go to crap. I would like to say I didn't so much fall off my bike so much as it threw me off! Later I notice tire tracks on my leg. So not only did it throw me off, it ran over me for spite! I, quite dumbly, neglected to put on a helmet. Obviously falling down and hitting my head did nothing to help my intelligence levels... I felt pretty woozy and had to lay down for a while before we could ride home and put a great big bandaid over my now skinless elbow. I also found out the next day when I tried to brush my hair that I had a pretty significant road rash on my scalp as well.

The moral of this story is: good grief, I'm nearly THIRTY! I can't ride a bicycle without falling off?! Sheesh. I think Eli finally understood why I had no interest in learning to drive our motorcycle in Managua.

What a Nice Young Man:

My mom invited me to join her music club and sing with them for their Christmas program. After several rehearsals, it was finally time to perform. Our first venue was at a retirement home in Illinois. Eli came to cheer us on.

We set up in front of the dining area and started our singing as the residents were finishing up their dinner hour. Eli initially loitered off to the side, occasionally snapping photos. The next time I looked over, he was sitting at a table with four of the residents, having a grand ol' time chatting! I looked over again a few minutes later and there he was sipping coffee and eating cake! He is just cute as a button.

One of his new friends came up to the song leader afterwards and gushed that Eli is just the nicest young man. Yup, that's why I keep him around!

Relaxing Aggravation:

Do men do jigsaw puzzles? Off the top of my head I can't really think of any over the age of 13 that will sit down and put together a 1,000 piece-er. The only people that come to mind are women. Why is that?

Eli and I spend Thanksgiving with Marissa and her husband, Mike. We decided to start one of her new puzzles. The menfolk seemed very confused by our choice of past time. But, they seemed to say, don't you want to do

Man reaction to puzzles: um, no thanks.
Woman reaction to puzzles: sweet! a puzzle! let me jump right in a start helping!

Seriously, why is this? How come all the men I know are completely missing out on the crazy addictiveness that is finally finding that one stupid piece you've been looking for (or at) for the past hour? Or maybe the question is not why men don't like them, but why all women seem to really enjoy this fussy nonsense.

Maybe it is because puzzles are the complete opposite of life. If you wait long enough and work hard on other things, every seemingly unfit-able piece will have a place. The jumbled pile of chaos will become an orderly, beautiful thing.


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