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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

This my hundredth post!

I'm so very excited about the 2010 winter olympic games in Vancouver!

Here I am watching the Opening Ceremonies, and these are my thoughts:

  • STOP showing the video of the luger. Have a tiny amount of class NBC.
  • Nice outfit Tom Brokaw, is that jacket made of real camels?
  • Who's a way bigger fan of Canada after watching how awesome of a neighbor they are? Me!
  • I have already started chanting U. S. A.
  • Nice outfits, Team USA. Are those long johns? Who dressed you, Tom Brokaw?
  • How come I can't remember where the last winter olympics was?
  • When did Mary Carillo become a MAN?
  • The mittens the Canadians are wearing...I WANT THEM!!
  • HD TV is not very kind to people, but it rocks when they do the mountain vistas
  • Just say no to moose hats (but yes to ass hats!)
  • The 2006 olympics were in Turino, it turns out.
  • Pam's demonstration of speed skating whilst wearing a snuggie was epic.
  • Why is there a wood chip in Jimmy's burrito?
  • Who gives a flying crap about We Are the World? Not me.
  • If Shaun White and Tim Lincecum had a baby...would it be an actual horse?
  • Snowboarder opener = AWESOME!
  • Giant scary spork people! Giant scary spork people!
  • Albania's flag is badass
  • LOVE love love the flags in the stands!
  • Where the hell is Andorra?
  • Azerbaijan, your pants are making my eyes bleed!!!
  • And yours too, Czech Republic.
  • YAY Ethiopia!! I'm rooting for you!
  • Since when is Macedonia before France in an alphabetically organized event?
  • I don't even know what to say about Georgia. God be with you. I am so so sorry.
  • What's Wycliff Jean doing on the Ghana team?
  • What a strange world where only Ireland separates Iran from Israel.
  • The Israeli team is financed largely by donations from Canada's Jewish community! Sweet!
  • Dear Jamaican Team, was your hair cut with a lawnmower?
  • Nice feather cape, New Zealand
  • "We like eating and partying." Ok, who else wants to go to Peru?!
  • The Russians are coming! And apparently wearing Detroit Red Wings jackets.
  • I have a lot of thoughts about what people are wearing...
  • Love the roar for Team Canada! That place is going batcrap with national pride!
  • "We're glad you're here, we'd like you to enjoy yourself, and now we will kick your butt!" Ah good stuff Bob Costas.
  • The Native dancers are awesome beyond all reason.
  • Love the snowball fights coke commercial. It brought me much joy.
  • Anyone else think it's ironic that it's snowing inside...and nowhere outside.
  • Hey! That guy stole Gandalf's staff!!
  • Big. Ass. Shiny. Bear.
  • Iceberg effect = AWESOME!
  • Beijing whatever. I am enjoying the heck outta this opening ceremony. Good on ya Vancouver!
  • Flying canoe!
  • What's Bill Murray doing playing the fiddle?
  • Never before and never again shall I see a tap dancer filled with such badassery.
  • Shaun White is all kinds of digging the snowboarders/skiers coming from the ceiling. As am I.
  • Pam is my hero for leaving during the middle of this awesomeness to make us popcorn. Pam rocks. It's worth saying again. Pam rocks!
  • Hey, did you order an extremely boring French guy. 'Cause he's here.
  • Hey, did you order an extremely boring French guy speaking French? 'Cause he's here too.
  • Ok, back to the show.
  • Now let's all play my favorite bus game...Man/Woman?
  • Where's Michael Buble??? Bring out the Buble!
  • We are experiencing technical difficulties. My kingdom for a cauldron.
  • Bummer about the end. But everything else rocked my socks off.
Thanks for joining me on this super long post. Go USA!


Sabba and Nanny February 13, 2010 at 1:58:00 PM MST  

Okay, so since I hate seeing blog posts with no comments, I've moved my FB comment to here:

Who read all your points? I did!
Ask Antonio about Andorra. He loves to go there. It is a tiny country in the mountains betwixt Spain and France.
I don't have an answer to your abecedarian question about Macedonia and France, but I'm intrigued, in part because I'm in part Macedonian.
I care more about what Tom Brokaw's thinking than what he's wearing, because a whole lot of people hear what he's thinking and then think the same thing.
Let me state unequivocally, despite a few negative impressions in our two-year residency, Canada is a wonderful country, and the Canadians have a lot to be proud of, and they have stood by us (U.S.) in many tough places, and they are great neighbors to have. ... See More
The 1998 Winter Olympics were in Nagano, Japan, but we had left Japan two years earlier.
I don't know why Jimmy's "little burro" had a wood chip in it.
Is boring French guy redundant? (Sorry, France, you're just too easy a target.)
Are you sure that wasn't Gandalf in disguise?
And finally, agree that Pam is awesome...

Jo February 15, 2010 at 11:55:00 AM MST  

Macedonia is there because they are calling it Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Agree with most of the rest. I was mesmerized by the effects, like the guy running and where his feet touched it became a prairie. Wow!

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